26 march 2014
MAYKOR is implementing a national-scale service project for BK BALTBET
The international bookmaker BALTBET has entrusted the technical support of its cash register equipment in Russia to MAYKOR, a Russian nationwide provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing.

MAYKOR currently services more than 600 cash registers in more than 190 cities in Russia. According to the contract, the outsourcer's tasks include work aimed at ensuring seamless operation of equipment, namely interaction with tax agencies for the registration and de-registration of cash register equipment, replacement of checkout tape, commissioning and repair of cash registers, ensuring the operability of software, and repairing equipment in case of malfunctions.

BALTBET is an industry leader in terms of its number of proprietary betting shops throughout the territory of Russia. The BALTBET bookmaker network currently has more than 600 betting shops in nearly 200 cities of Russia and possesses an enormous stock of cash registers requiring regular maintenance. The maintenance of cash registers in the majority of their network betting shops was entrusted to a single outsourcer in order to optimize interaction with service contractors.

"The BALTBET betting shop network is rapidly developing. At the end of last year alone we opened betting shops in the cities of Archangelsk, Kamyshin, Kropotkin, Derbent, Otradniy, Mozhga, and Novocheboksarsk, and are continuing to build our network. Therefore, we are interested in working with an outsourcer whose resources ensure top-quality servicing of cash registers in all regions of the country. MAYKOR, which has branches in all Russian constituencies and more than 400 service departments, meets those requirements," - noted Victor Yemelyanov, CEO of BK BALTBET.


BALTBET is an international bookmaker that has been operating since 2003 and is an industry leader in terms of its number of proprietary betting shops throughout the territory of Russia. The company has a widely developed network of betting shops throughout Russia and abroad (Serbia, Belarus, and Tajikistan). The bookmaker BALTBET provides its customers with the capability of utilizing convenient, specially equipped betting shops to place bets on the main sporting events in Russia and throughout the world.

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