7 october 2013
MAYKOR is launching a new business stream for servicing vehicle tracking equipment
MAYKOR, a national-scale group of companies that provides IT outsourcing, facility systems service and business applications support, has announced the launch of a new addition to its service portfolio: servicing of tracking equipment installed on motor vehicles (GLONASS/GPS-based vehicle monitoring and tachograph systems). This new offering is a response to the evolving market demands of large-scale, geographically distributed companies that need help optimizing their corporate vehicle operations and, most importantly, require high-quality servicing of their vehicle tracking equipment.

Based on assessments by the independent research company Berg Insight (Sweden), Russia currently has around 1.5 million vehicles equipped with high-tech GLONASS/GPS-based tracking systems. However, no more than 1% of installed equipment is being professionally serviced, and the percentage of inoperable equipment is as high as 50%. Moreover, in accordance with Russian Ministry of Transportation Order No.36 issued on February 13, 2013, in the coming years 6 million motor vehicles (those weighing over 3.5 tonnes or intended for transporting more than 8 passengers) will have to be equipped with tachographs (devices used to monitor drivers' work/rest cycles and routes). Thus, in the coming years the market for servicing vehicle tracking equipment will become one of the fastest growing segments in the technical servicing sector.

Consistent with MAYKOR's strategy of developing its innovative and comprehensive format of "one-stop shopping" and all-inclusive servicing, this new stream of services is also aimed at forming the most in-demand comprehensive offerings for customers on a multi-vendor basis. Within the scope of GLONASS/GPS-based vehicle monitoring systems, MAYKOR offers SLA packages that include the following services:

- technical support for users and customer software;
- support of server infrastructure components for control rooms;
- servicing of on-board equipment.

In regards to tachographs, MAYKOR will provide all necessary services to ensure that equipment is fully compliant with current legislation, including delivery, installation, calibration, data encryption activation, servicing and data encryption verification. The uniqueness of MAYKOR's servicing of vehicle monitoring equipment primarily consists in its comprehensive and innovative just-in-time approach, based on which company experts instantly react to any equipment fault and immediately take the appropriate actions. As of today, MAYKOR has completed preparations to begin providing its new services throughout the entire territory of Russia.

"On the vehicle tracking equipment market, service issues and the growing demand from customers, especially large-scale geographically distributed businesses in various industries, had until now never been met with any noteworthy offers to satisfy the growing demands with sufficient service capabilities and scaling capacities from service companies. With its unique resources, solid customer base and nation-wide scale, MAYKOR is capable of quickly conquering this virtually uncovered market by offering owners of any-sized vehicle fleets an optimal format for servicing high-tech vehicle tracking resources, thus providing them with the capability to optimize their operations associated with corporate transportation. The prospects of this business stream, which include constant service contracts with government and commercial motor transport companies of any scale in all regions of Russia, will serve as MAYKOR's substantial contribution to efficient motor transport operations in our country," says Oleg Kraus, MAYKOR's vice president of business development in the transportation sector.
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