4 september 2013
MAYKOR is named one of major IT providers for telecommunication operators
CNews Analytics, an industry’s leading analytic agency, included MAYKOR in the list of major IT providers for telecommunication operators. This rating is based on Telecom 2013 research carried out with benchmarking of revenues collected by IT service providers from telecommunication projects.

MAYKOR has been providing services for all major Russian landline and mobile operators for several years, and now has competencies and resources enabling the company to provide comprehensive services that cover the entire telecommunications infrastructure, from IT systems to antenna mast towers, fiber optic lines and base station units; the range of offered solutions is extended each year. Specifically, in addition to maintaining telecom infrastructure, MAYKOR offers servicing of utility systems at base station units with a focus on smart technology. This versatility enabled MAYKOR to come up with a unique service on the outsourcing market – “all-inclusive” maintenance of telecommunication facilities.
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