10 december 2013
MAYKOR is the Employer of Choice 2013
MAYKOR, a national-scale company that provides IT outsourcing, facility systems service and business applications support, was named "Employer of Choice 2013" following a survey conducted by Suberjob.ru among Russian employers.

The status of Employer of Choice 2013 is assigned to companies that make considerable efforts to attract personnel, receive numerous responses from their candidates and offer fair compensation. The “Employer of Choice” sign ensures the candidates that they deal with verified information on the company and open positions in it; the sign proves that the company has a great potential and maintains a sustainable position in the market.

MAYKOR, being a service company, values high marks received from Suberjob.ru first of all because this site is the one technical specialists visit most often when doing their job hunting. Today MAYKOR employs more than 4,000 engineers. The company's fast development, increasing number of contracts and scope of projects create a steady need to hire more in-house engineers. The reputation of an attractive employer helps MAYKOR to acquire the most skilled staff in Russia, where technical specialists are in short supply.
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