24 december 2013
MAYKOR is the winner of Time of Innovations 2013 Award
MAYKOR, a Russian nationwide provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing, received the annual award "Time of Innovations 2013", an independent award for achievements in innovation activities. The award was established by the Social Projects and Programs foundation supported by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.

A continuous management system developed by MAYKOR for control of service operations and covering 83 branches and 400 service unites of the company throughout Russia was declared by the jury of experts as a organizational and management innovation of 2013.

MAYKOR's service operations management system is a hardware and software package intended for automation of planning, distribution and management of service requests being processed, as well as for generation of itineraries for service engineers with consideration of their work schedule, competences, geographical location and type of services provided. Using smart phones equipped with GPS modules that detect their location, MAYKOR's field engineers have access to all information they may need to do their job in any point of Russia: request processing schedule, best route for trips, spare parts warehouse and so on. All data from the smart phones comes to a single job monitoring and control center for further dispatching of specialists and resource management.

The system's uniqueness is in the scale of its implementation. The system allows for planning and management of operation of more than 4000 engineers in a real-time fashion and provides more than 1200 clients with unbiased evaluation of quality of MAYKOR services at any place in the country.

Upon implementation of the system the service provision scheme became very transparent while the MAYKOR resource utilization efficiency increased by 50%. All participants of the management process, both on the client and provider side, received access to reports and prompt analytics.

"In its organic growth strategy MAYKOR puts emphasis on development of internal management mechanisms. We utilize experience of western companies and our own expertise to find and develop tools that would enable us not only improve quality of our services, but also facilitate the evolution of the Russian service and outsourcing market. Application of our resource management system in any major and medium-sized business opens ways for considerable improvement of management of non-core business processes. Now we offer our system, that has been recognized by independent experts as the innovation of the year, to other companies," said Irina, Semyonova, MAYKOR's VP for Marketing, at the award ceremony.
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