14 january 2013
MAYKOR Joined the Association of Medical Information Technology Development
MAYKOR Group, a national-scale servicer and outsourcer of IT and building utility systems, joined the Association of Medical Information Technology Development (ARMIT) that brings together the health care information technology leaders.

This partnership between the leading health care IT consolidator and the largest group of IT outsourcing companies is rather natural. At this time MAYKOR is developing the business related to health care automation and informatization while ARMIT follows the most recent trends and acquires the advances achieved in this area.

"One of our goals is to help health care institutions solve issues that come up when it comes to selection, procurement, maintenance and operation of health care systems and equipment. It is one of the reasons why ARMIT takes an interest in expanding its partnership beyond the health care IT developers and suppliers to companies that offer new approaches to IT infrastructure servicing in medical institutions, such as MAYKOR," says ARMIT President Mikhail Elyanov.

"Maintenance of health care information systems, IT infrastructure and building utility systems in health care institutions is on of MAYKOR's new lines of business. Highly professional specialists employed in our company ensure technical support of health care information systems, maintenance of sophisticated medical equipment and building utility systems in various regions across Russia. Joining ARMIT will give MAYKOR the opportunity to demonstrate its competences to representatives of heath care institutions, who are potential clients, as well as to the participating companies - our potential partners," pointed out Andrey Panagushin, the MAYKOR VP for key accounts.
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