11 october 2012
MAYKOR migrates to a new corporate management system developed by Accenture
MAYKOR Group, a national-scale player in IT utilities servicing and outsourcing market, has announced migration to a new corporate management system developed in cooperation with Accenture. The goal of the corporate management system reorganization is to increase the group's efficiency, given its rapid expansion and growth of its business, and effectively integrate new acquisitions into the MAYKOR asset structure.

Based on the project developed for MAYKOR in 2011 – early 2012, Accenture came up with a balanced operational model and a new group structure, which served as cornerstones of the group's new corporate management system. The system provides that MAYKOR consists of a Corporate Center and the branches. The Corporate Center generates the business strategy and operational strategies for marketing, finance, technology, etc. Besides that, the Corporate Center designs and launches innovative products, manages sales and develops cooperation with the key clients. 

The new operational model provides for distinct distribution of business areas among the branches, helping to quickly respond to changing market demands and effectively integrate newly acquired businesses into the MAYKOR structure. At the same time, all branches are subordinate to the Corporate Center, delivering maximum synergy for client service due to the coordinated marketing policy.

"The new corporate management system is critical for MAYKOR's strategic goals in the Russian market. Given the rapid growth of our business and the ongoing efforts to finalize the group's organization, it was important to develop a system that would allow us to effectively deploy the key business processes at the group level and perform asset management in the best interests of all our shareholders." Thanks to our joint project with Accenture, we have greatly improved performance of all departments in our group and made MAYKOR business more attractive for potential investors and clients," said Sergey Sulgin, the MAYKOR Group President.

"The MAYKOR Group operates Russia's largest service network, so the company seeks to improve its asset management and operational efficiency parameters, as some of its key strategic goals," claims Mikhail Romanov, the director of Accenture's "Telecommunications, Multimedia and High Tech" practice."The joint Accenture-MAYKOR project has resulted in significant improvement of the Group's corporate management system efficiency and transparency, which will certainly help optimizing interaction with the clients and create a strong momentum for further growth of the business".

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