27 november 2012
MAYKOR Runs a service project for Kolymskaya
MAYKOR, the largest group in the Russian service and IT outsourcing market, on behalf of its subsidiary CRT Service, is implementing a cash register equipment servicing and maintenance project for Kolymskaya insurance company in the Far Eastern Federal District.

As part of the project, MAYKOR offers a package of services, including procurement, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of cash register equipment for Kolymskaya sales offices. The agreement also covers the provision of user advice on operation-related issues.

"MAYKOR's key advantage is the ability to provide on-site diagnostics and servicing of cash register equipment in a tight timeframe. The centralized technical support system created by MAYKOR optimizes our cash register equipment maintenance routine, which helps us improve our client service quality," says Yuri Viktorovich Martoshenko, CJSC KOLYMSKAYA Insurance Company President. 

"Insurers today are quite actively integrating state of the art technologies, including maintenance-related ones. This is no wonder, as they have huge pools of clients, both private and corporate, and all their service-related business processes must operate seamlessly. Meanwhile hardware, cash register equipment in particular, is crucial for insurer's client service workflow; as reliability and quality of equipment operation bear down directly upon clientele loyalty. We offer Kolymskaya high-level service standards and access to quick and high quality on-site hardware servicing, which helps our client to cut down on maintenance costs," says Stanislav Brodyansky, Vice-President for Business Development MAYKOR.

About Kolymskaya Company

Kolymskaya Company was founded in 1991 in Magadan. At present the Khabarovsk office operates as Kolymskaya insurance company head office. In addition to satellite offices in all city districts (Center, South and North areas), the company operates an extensive network of sales outlets covering almost all outpatient clinics in Khabarovsk and nearby communities, as well as Veteran chain stores.   

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