10 july 2013
MAYKOR summarizes the initial outcome of collaboration with the transportation company Lorry
MAYKOR, a national-scale group of companies that provides IT outsourcing, facility systems service and business applications support, reports successful performance of its contract for integrated servicing of automated workstations at one of the biggest Russian transportation and logistics companies Lorry. In the course of collaborating with MAYKOR Lorry has managed to minimize office equipment failures and improve efficiency of operation of its software applications.

Under the contract executed in September 2012 MAYKOR carries out maintenance of office equipment and supports software installed at the transportation company Lorry, as well as provides advice and information support related to the equipment and software operation. At this time MAYKOR ensures reliable operation of more than 300 equipment items in the most rapidly developing branches of Lorry located in the Volga, Urals and Siberian federal districts. Fr om the beginning of the collaboration with MAYKOR the company reduced the number of technical failures in all its branches.

"Since we aimed at ‘migration’ into the regions to assure preferential development of regional businesses, we had to find a dependable service partner who would ensure flawless operation of our office equipment and software regardless of their location. This company got engaged in solution of technical issues because it has a well-developed network of service units and MAYKOR's engineers possess excellent professional skills. Besides, outsourcing of IT support organically meets our business development strategy wh ere cost optimization is one of the main components. In the framework of this strategy during the last year Lorry opened offices in four large cities of the Volga Region and Siberia and has increased its sales by more than 25 percent. By the end of the year at least a third of the company's fleet was located beyond the Urals district", pointed out Oleg Bystrov, Director for Information Technologies, Lorry LLC.

About Lorry

Lorry LLC is one of the largest transportation companies in Russia. It operates seventeen offices in the Russian Federation. The company was founded in 1929. Lorry manages transportation and carries all types of cargo: standard, hazardous, oversized, heavyweight, prefabricated items, as well as those requiring special temperature conditions for storage, both domestically and internationally. 

The company employs more than 1200 people. Its vehicle fleet includes more than 800 road trains having the average age of two years. In the year of 2012 the company revenues were in excess of 3 billion rubles. 
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