6 february 2014
MAYKOR supports MTI of the Russian FBS
MAYKOR, a Russian nationwide provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing, ensures stable operation of the Multi-service Telecommunication Infrastructure (MTI) of the Federal Bailiffs Services throughout the country.

MTI includes milti-service telecommunication system intended for secure data exchange in the agency, agency telephone network and a videoconferencing communication system that connect all FBS facilities to a common information space that covers FBS headquarters and 83 regional administrations.

Under the MTI support contract awarded at an open bidding, MAYKOR is responsible for equipment recovery and operational support, troubleshooting and repair, replacement of irreparable equipment, software setup and upgrade.

In order to execute the project in conformance with the contract terms, an MTI technical support was established. It takes care of receipt, coordination and control over efforts aimed at processing service requests coming from FSB representatives.

"IT and maintenance services for state agencies is one of MAYKOR's primary business lines. Our experience and competences make us capable of executing large-scale federal projects while maintaining unified quality standards across the country," said Ivan Andrianov, MAYKOR's VP for Key Accounts.
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