19 june 2013
MAYKOR supports uninterruptible operation of OKSION in Moscow
MAYKOR, a national-scale group of companies that provides services and outsourcing of IT and building utility systems, upon winning an open electronic bidding, executed a state contract with the Moscow Administration of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Under this contract MAYKOR specialists will provide software maintenance and support operability of equipment installed in facilities of the All-Russian Comprehensive Information and Warning System (OKSION) in Moscow.

OKSION is a part of the State System for prevention and control of emergencies that arise from natural, man-made and other causes. The system ensures information support for detection and control of emergency situation. In Moscow it consists of street public announcement points (PION) and units installed in premises (LION): in railway terminals, university buildings, shopping malls and so on. 

The technical support service arranged by MAYKOR ensures sustainable operation of all OKSION facilities located in Moscow. Special attention is paid to fast recovery of all faults, as well as prevention of failures through scheduled maintenance. Servicing arranged in such manner minimizes equipment failures, allows for timely troubleshooting of causes of the faults and removal of the failures, as well as increasing service life of OKSION components. 

"Due to criticality of the tasks imposed on OKSION, it is very important to ensure efficient and uninterruptible operation of all components of the system. Due to quick response of MAYKOR specialists the number of equipment faults has decreased while operability of the system has been elevated to a better level of quality", noted M.Y. Pravdin, Head of Moscow Civil Defense Administration of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.
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