8 august 2013
MAYKOR supports uninterruptible operation of the Safe City System in Volkhov
MAYKOR, a national-scale group of companies that provides IT outsourcing, facility systems service and business applications support, announced that it has started providing comprehensive services and administration of the automated information system Safe City in the city of Volkhov, Leningrad region. A contract for performance of this work was executed with the Administration of the Municipal Entity Volkhov awarded based on the outcome of an open online bidding.

Under the contract MAYKOR will provide maintenance of the surveillance system and smart hardware/software system Safe City. In particular, the company engineers' area of responsibility includes assured uninterruptible operation of video cameras, servers and peripheral equipment, hardware of the citizen-police system, LANs and communications backbones. 

"The Safe City system was developed for organization of prompt and coordinated operation of all services of the city, from the police to public utilities, to ensure safety of the inhabitants. Implementation of this goal requires high-quality maintenance. MAYKOR has versatile experience in servicing safety and security systems and employs skilled specialists capable of servicing the system professionally", noted Sergey Akulishin, Head of Volkhov Municipal District of Leningrad Region.
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