27 february 2014
MAYKOR to help the Dagestan Government improve safety on the roads
The Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Dagestan, Republic of Dagestan State Authority "Safe Dagestan" and MAYKOR, a Russian nationwide provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing, executed a 3 year long state contract for provision of information related to road traffic. This information will be obtained through application of special technical means that have photo and video recording functions. MAYKOR will also cover technical processing and organization of distribution of tickets issued for violation of road traffic rules. This will be undertaken in cooperation with the Russian State Inspection for Road Traffic Safety under the Russian Ministry of Interior for the Republic of Dagestan.

Under the contract, MAYKOR is responsible for installation of video surveillance systems, arrangement, technical outfitting and maintenance of the dispatcher center and relevant technical infrastructure, installation of software and further coordination of system operation, from technical maintenance to distribution of tickets to be issued for recorded violations of road traffic rules by drivers. The tickets will be delivered through the state mail service “Pochta Rossii”. It is anticipated that the system will being full-scale operation in March 2014.

The traffic violations photo and video recording system is only the first phase of the implementation of the program “Safe Dagestan”. The second phase includes a package of measures aimed at assurance of safety of people, including anti-terrorist measures.

"The ‘Safe Dagestan’ program is one of the priority tasks in the Republic because it is aimed at assurance of safety of people who live in this region. We have no doubt that MAYKOR's experience in running similar projects in other regions of Russia will facilitate successful execution of the program in Makhachkala and its further expansion throughout the Republic," pointed out Shirukhan Gadgimuradov, Minister of Industry, Transport and Energy of the Republic of Dagestan.

"The photo and video recording system is a complicated hardware complex that, besides video cameras, includes servers, fiber optic lines, custom software, technical infrastructure and so on. Reliable functioning of the system depends on seamless operation of all those components. We hope that MAYKOR's experience, technical competences and consistent joint efforts on execution of the project will help reduce emergencies on the roads, which will improve safety in the region," said Andrey Panagushin, MAYKOR’s VP for Key Accounts.
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