22 january 2013
MAYKOR to Maintain Cash Register Equipment for Aquadom
MAYKOR Group, a national-scale servicer and outsourcer of IT and building utility systems, on behalf of its subsidiary CRT Service, has signed up to a cash register equipment maintenance project with Aquadom company of the Far Eastern federal district.

As part of the agreement, MAYKOR will handle procurement, commissioning and sustainable operation of the cash register equipment operated by Aquadom's network of water supply equipment stores. MAYKOR's service engineers will conduct repairs and all-round maintenance of the client's cash register equipment and offer necessary user advice on operation-related issues.

"Our cooperation with MAYKOR gives us fast centralized access to highly skilled maintenance services covering equipment installed in our stores. We are confident that now our equipment is in the hands of a dependable service provider. We hope that the cooperation between Aquadom and MAYKOR will prove to be long-lasting and mutually advantageous", says Sergey Melnichenko, Aquadom Business Director.

"We continue to build out our cooperation with retailers and scale up our presence in the Far Eastern federal district. MAYKOR offers Aquadom professional on-site maintenance at every POS. We hope MAYKOR's and Aquadom's joint effort will be both successful and productive," says Stanislav Brodyansky, MAYKOR Vice-President for Business Development. 

About Aquadom

Aquadom operates in the Far Eastern market since 1995. The company runs a branched chain of stores, a maintenance unit and an engineering department. This structure makes the company a competent provider of end-to-end package of services, including design, assembly and maintenance of all interior utilities of urban residencies/offices or private houses/industrial properties. All products carried by Aquadom are certified and include technical documentation, passports and installation guidelines in the Russian language. 

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