11 april 2013
MAYKOR to provide comprehensive service for Doctor Stoletov pharmacies
MAYKOR, a national-scale group of companies that provides services and outsourcing of IT and building utility systems, on behalf of its subsidiary CRT Service announces the execution of a service contract with Doctor Stoletov, a federal pharmacy store chain. Under this contract MAYKOR specialists will provide comprehensive maintenance for more than 70 pharmacies of the chain in the Southern Federal District.

MAYKOR engineers will take care of pharmacy stores' IT infrastructure, cash register equipment and office appliances, as well as the AC systems that are part of their utility infrastructure. All users will be able to make inquiries related to equipment operation to MAYKOR specialists and receive information and advice from them. 

"To us, as a geographically distributed pharmacy retailer, it is very important to ensure efficient operation of the main business channel that is on the front line of interaction with the customer - the pharmacy store. This means that the equipment fleet operating in our pharmacies shall work seamlessly. In regions located far from central areas it is rather difficult to find skilled technical specialists or a multi-purpose service company that have skills and knowledge in servicing various types of equipment, while interaction with numerous contractors is, as a rule, of low efficiency and control. Cooperation with MAYKOR ensures technical support in the one stop shop format and, which is of particular importance, at the equipment operation location, as well as stipulate the engineers’ response time in the SLA", pointed out Olga Sizova, Head of IT Department of OOO Lenmedsnab - Doctor Stoletov.

About Erkafarm

Erkafarm has been a pharmacy retail market player since 1994. In 2002 the company management decided to consolidate the Erkafarm pharmacy stores under a single trademark Doctor Stoletov. In 2004 it acquired the pharmacy store chain Lenmedsnab Doctor W. Today the federal pharmacy store chain Doctor Stoletov includes 414 pharmacies in 11 regions of Russia with more than 10,000 health and beauty merchandise items.
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