17 january 2013
MAYKOR to receive the right to service data handling systems in a Moscow hospital
Based on the outcome of three biddings, MAYKOR, a national-scale group of companies in the IT servicing/outsourcing and building utility systems market, on behalf of its subsidiary NCT LLC, was granted the right to execute a public contract with the State Health Care Institution City Clinical Hospital No. 31 of the Moscow Health Care Department for servicing its automated data handling systems.

In the course of this project MAYKOR will perform maintenance of the automated data handling systems and their integration. In addition, the client will receive advice services on database management software.

"Any modern medical facility is engaged in collection and analysis of tremendous amount of data on a daily basis, including patients’ personal data, lab tests results and so on. Without automated data handling systems efficient communications between the patients and the medical staff would be rather troublesome, especially in the megalopolis environment. Like any hi-tech solution, automated data handling systems call for experienced specialists to maintain and support the system’s infrastructure, as well as for software upgrade. For most health care institutions engaging professional service companies to solve the data handling systems servicing objectives is more profitable and convenient than maintaining a staff of highly paid IT experts", commented Andrey Panagushin, vice-president on key accounts.
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