5 december 2012
MAYKOR to run an outsourcing project for Magnit Retail Chain
MAYKOR, a national-scale group focused on servicing and outsourcing of IT and building utility systems, on behalf of its subsidiary CRT Service, announces a large outsourcing project for Magnit chain of stores and hypermarkets (CJSC Tander).

As part of the project, MAYKOR will ensure smooth operation of cash register equipment at 117 Magnit outlets in Privolzhsky federal district. MAYKOR service engineers will provide maintenance and servicing of cash register equipment and offer user advice and information support.

"MAYKOR will take care of maintenance in many retail outlets throughout Privolzhsky federal district and guarantee that the client receives high quality and consistent on-site maintenance of cash register hardware at all times. We hope to be engaged in further productive cooperation and expect that our efforts will result in expanding our service project," said Stanislav Brodyansky, MAYKOR Vice-President for Business Development.

About Magnit chain

CJSC Tander leads the market for the number of retail outlets and geographical coverage in Russia with more than 5,549 convenience stores, 105 hypermarkets, 13 Family Magnit stores and 497 cosmetics stores in more than 1,461 towns and smaller communities. A network of distribution centers covering all of European Russia receives stock from large suppliers and processes it prior to distributing to stores. The company operates a massive fleet of trucks and hauls cargo throughout the European Russia. The Magnit chain sells around 640 products under its private label.  

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