27 june 2013
MAYKOR will provide comprehensive outsourcing for technical support of the Obuv.com retail chain
MAYKOR, a national-scale group of companies that provides services and outsourcing of IT and building utility systems, announced the execution of a service contract with the federal footwear retail store chain Obuv.com. Under this contract MAYKOR specialists will provide comprehensive technical support for the operating stores of the chain and solve technical issues emerging when opening new stores.

This customer tasked MAYKOR with technical support of 75 stores of the Obuv.com chain all over Russia. The list of services includes maintenance of all components of store IT infrastructure and office equipment and support of uninterruptible operation of cash registers. In the chain stores to be opened MAYKOR will commission cash registers, hook up and set up the office equipment; in other words it will ensure complete readiness of the store IT infrastructure and office equipment for operation by the time the store opens its doors. All new stores of the Obuv.com chain will be automatically included in the list of the client's facilities to be covered with technical support.

"Today stores of the chain Obuv.com are available in all federal districts of Russia. The company plans include further development of the off-line sales channel both in terms of improvement of operation of the existing stores and increase of the number of stores. To do so it is important to ensure stable operation of the IT component of the business, which we decided to outsource. MAYKOR offered the best and - which is most important - comprehensive services for maintenance of our equipment pool in the Obuv.com stores. These services take into account specifics of our chain: its nationwide scale, equipment diversity and broad variety of its vendors", stressed Sergey Levit, Director for Information Technologies, Obuv.com.

About Obuv.com 

The core business of the federal retail chain obuv.com is offering stylish footwear and accessories at low prices. Obuv.com is continuously working on improvement of its product mix and due to that the chain's stores help finding a perfect solution for any image. At this time the store chain Obuv.com is aggressively growing, which enables it to please hundreds of new customers with beautiful European shoes at bargain prices.
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