12 december 2012
MAYKOR Wins E-Auction to Become Safe City Project Contractor in Volkhov
MAYKOR Group, a national-scale servicer and outsourcer of IT and building utilities systems, on behalf of its subsidiary NST, reports to have won an open e-auction for a contract to build a Safe City hardware and software complex. The auction was announced by the administration of the city of Volkhov.

Following the outcome of the auction, MAYKOR will build a Safe City hardware/software complex in the police unit control center based in the Volkhov police headquarters, create a video signal acquisition and transmission infrastructure, and deploy a control hub based on a geoinformation system. In addition to that, MAYKOR engineers will upgrade the existing video surveillance system and integrate it into a unified data environment.

The implementation of the Safe City hardware and software complex in Volkhov will help the police to improve its performance when detaining law offenders, combat street crime and be more effective in patrolling and law enforcement personnel management.

”The main purpose of the Safe City hardware/software complex is to ensure public safety and comfort by mobilizing fast and well-coordinated response on the part of all municipal services – police, traffic safety enforcement service, public utilities, city administration – in the event of emergency. It has to be noted for that to remain effective such systems need high quality maintenance. Maintenance of public safety systems, such as the Safe City system, is one of the MAYKOR priorities. Thanks to our cooperation with vendors of problem-specific solutions and MAYKOR's nationwide coverage, our service engineers command the right competencies to provide public safety systems support anywhere in Russia,” says Dmitry Selivanov, MAYKOR Group Vice President for Key Account Management.
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