27 february 2013
MAYKOR Acquires PST Company, a Banking Equipment Service Outsourcer
MAYKOR, a national-scale servicer and outsourcer of IT and building utility systems, on behalf of its subsidiary CRT Service, reports a purchase of PST (Payment Service Technology) Company – a multivendor service outsourcer specializing in banking equipment maintenance. Prior to merger with MAYKOR PST Company was a part of ITG (INLINE Technologies Group) holding.

By integrating PST's banking equipment maintenance competencies and resources, in particular – Russia's largest Repair Centre (a centralized lab for repair and recovery of spare parts, tools and accessories (SPTA)), into MAYKOR's advanced service infrastructure, the group will enhance its banking equipment maintenance capacity and bring its service portfolio in line with the latest trends in the Russian banking sector. 

As one of such trends of today, banks increasingly focused on the retail sector, which is prompted by two concurrent processes – the expansion of banks' branch networks and the growing number of self-service machines: ATMs and payment terminals. According to Retail Banking Research London, by 2015 in Russia the number of ATMs alone will grow 54%. Thus, considering geographic distribution, the banks' IT infrastructure and its operation are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. This, in turn, calls for effective management and professional service to minimize the IT risks. In addition, banks are interested in reduction of their IT-asset ownership costs, cutting losses caused by downtime and streamlining of their relationships with service providers. 

“MAYKOR put banking infrastructure maintenance service in its list of priorities for development,” says Sergey Sulgin, MAYKOR Group President. As MAYKOR's service portfolio, alongside the banking equipment service, already features all necessary infrastructure operation outsourcing competencies – office and computer equipment maintenance, data processing/storage equipment maintenance, building utility systems maintenance, etc. – MAYKOR's financial sector customers will be able to have all their facilities (bank branches, etc.) covered under a single SLA. By adding the experience gained by PST Company to MAYKOR's own network of 83 branches and 400 service offices, we shall strengthen our banking equipment maintenance business line through Russia”.

PST Company has been operating on the Russian banking equipment service market for more than five years. During this time the company has been providing its services to the top Russian banks, including Sberbank, Gazprombank, Bank Zenit, etc. PST's developed logistics system incorporates more than 30 warehouses in different federal districts of Russia, which enables the company to recover banking equipment operability in shortest time. 

Today PST Company owns Russia's largest Repair Centre, performing both repairs and SPTA recovery. Based on its Repair Centre, PST operates a laboratory that analyzes SPTA failure factors and looks for effective means of troubleshooting and failure prevention. Over its history, the laboratory has put together a set of procedures to remedy more than 1,000 failures of various SPTA models. Most of these procedures are based on PST Repair Centre's own innovative designs. 

About PST Company 

PST Company was founded in 2007 as part of ITG (INLINE Technologies Group) holding, one of 20 largest IT companies in Russia. PST Company was built around a group of professionals with many years of personal history with the holding, including some from INPAS company, and vast experience in acquiring business. Among the company's clients are Russian and foreign banks, processing centers, ITT manufacturers (warranty support). A balanced service policy make PST Company a successful service provider of more than 50 Russian banks. 
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