31 july 2014
MAYKOR among the top ten IT service providers for energy
MAYKOR broke into the top ten IT service providers for energy according to a ranking released by TAdvisor as part of a review entitled “IT in Energy.” The ranking judged companies based on their revenue from industry-specific IT projects.

MAYKOR owes its high position on the list to its full set of projects implemented for leading power generation companies, one of which is focused on building a unified billing system for RAO Energy System of East based on MECOMSTM (executed by GMCS, subsidiary of MAYKOR). The project holds significance for the development of smart energy in the Far East and providing the region’s inhabitants with high service levels. Other major GMCS' projects include rolling out a mid-term business planning system and financial consolidation for RusHydro, building a unified management data system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and a budgeting system based on IBM Cognos TM1 at E.ON Russia, and a unified management data system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Electric Networks of Armenia and Permelectrosbit. GMCS builds on its partnerships to provide technical support for business applications.

According to the data provided by the portal, growth rates across the Russian energy automation market are around 10-12%. In 2013 the market grew by 40bn rubles, while forecasts for 2014 have that number at around 50bn rubles, half coming from IT services. In previous years energy, like other industries, saw financial and economic activity as the main driver for automation, while at this point most main energy companies have wrapped up or are wrapping up those projects. Now they are turning more and more to vital areas like modernizing infrastructure and data centers, implementing billing systems, building automated monitoring and metering systems for energy resources, and trying cloud technology and analytics.
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