9 june 2016
MAYKOR and Innopolis University Sign a Cooperation Agreement
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, and Innopolis University will join forces in training IT specialists and designing IT solutions. The agreement was signed on June 9 in Innopolis at the conference Information Technology of Industrial Russia.

MAYKOR and Innopolis University agreed to mutual support on a number of initiatives. The outsourcer will participate in educational programs of the university. Next academic year, students will be able to benefit from a planned series of seminars and workshops featuring MAYKOR's top managers, who will cover domestic and international practices of IT outsourcing. The parties will continue their joint efforts to attract children and young people to IT careers and foster their talents in this field. The first step in this direction was made in 2016, when math and computer science Olympiads held by Innopolis University became part of MAYKOR's corporate social program "Engineer as a Profession".

In addition to that, the company and the university are planning joint activities to develop MAYKOR's workforce. The company is planning to engage experts from Innopolis University in building a personnel reserve of IT managers, offering its employees a chance to enroll in a master's program "Software Engineering" at the university on a competitive basis. Moreover, the parties revealed their intention to collaborate in developing cloud solutions for various industries.

"MAYKOR has ambitious business development plans. We are designing innovative services for our customers and pursuing new areas, including mobile and cloud technologies. Our partnership with Innopolis University will support these initiatives, providing the knowledge and expertise as well as the opportunities to train highly qualified IT specialists and managers who will be the driving force of these programs," said Irina Grigorian, Vice President of HR at MAYKOR, commenting on the agreement.

"The partnership of Innopolis University with a leading Russian provider of IT outsourcing services will give our students useful skills, practical knowledge, and an opportunity to participate in fascinating projects in a promising segment of the IT service market. The company's interest in working with the younger generation also deserves a special mention. We've already had a favorable track record of cooperation with MAYKOR in this area, and we are planning to extend it," said Alexander Tormasov, rector of Innopolis University.
About Innopolis University

Innopolis University
is a private university specializing in education and research in the field of information technologies. The main objective of the university is development and training of highly qualified IT students to bring domestic industry to a new level. Its enrollment is 5,000 students.
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