31 may 2016
MAYKOR awarded the Motivation Awards special prize
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, was awarded a special prize at the Motivation Awards national competition in the category "For a comprehensive approach to implementing non-monetary staff motivation". MAYKOR's achievement in the field of non-monetary motivation is largely due to its corporate "Engineer as a Profession" program, which was highly rated by the expert jury and scored equally highly in the open vote.

"Engineer as a Profession" is aimed at creating an involved professional community of more than 5,000 MAYKOR service engineers throughout Russia. This program includes a whole range of non-monetary motivational tools: education and personal growth paths, corporate competitions, external public events, special columns in the corporate magazine, access to large-scale sports events, and corporate volunteering. This complex of activities encourages engineers to see their profession in a positive light and helps build a community of loyal employees who promote company values to the outer world, which lays the groundwork for the program mission – raising the status of technical professions in Russia.

"Our 'Engineer as a Profession' program is a long-time favorite in the competitions dedicated to corporate social responsibility. Indeed, its main advantage is its comprehensive approach. Its successful realization requires joint efforts of HR, Marketing, the Industrial Training Department, and the Competence Center, as well as heads of macroregions and branches. This program is designed to solve a multitude of tasks, from professional staff training to raising the level of involvement and motivation required to achieve better results," said Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing at MAYKOR.
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