1 december 2014
MAYKOR becomes information security partner of InfoTeCS
MAYKOR has become an official partner of InfoTeCS. Now the nationwide provider of IT and business process outsourcing can provide its clients with technical support services for ViPNet information security equipment.

ViPNet technology is a key development by InfoTeCS. It represents the most extensive Russian solution for creating universal protected networks. The ViPNet brand brings together a range of products and network solutions that are designed for processing restricted information, including personal data. ViPNet customers include public and financial institutions, telecommunications carriers, major oil and gas companies, refineries and metallurgical industries, including a number of MAYKOR's key clients. MAYKOR's partnership with InfoTeCS reinforces the company's strong competence for supporting advanced information security systems, and it guarantees that the company can provide high quality service to support the ViPNet information protection system. MAYKOR staff have completed a "ViPNet Information Protection System Administration" course at the InfoTeCS Training Center and obtained corresponding certificates.
About InfoTeCS

InfoTeCS is one of the leading IT companies on the Russian VPN software and hardware solutions market, and it is also a leading provider of information protection tools for TCP/IP networks. The company was founded in 1989 and registered in 1991. It was one of the first joint stock companies in Russia. For more than 20 years the company's ViPNet technology has successfully established itself on the information security market as an effective tool for large-scale nationwide projects, and it has become a de facto standard for the certified protection of confidential information.
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