14 march 2017
MAYKOR-BTE begins servicing ATM network of ТKB Bank
BTE (a subsidiary of MAYKOR), which specializes in servicing banking equipment, won the tender for technical support of TKB Bank's fleet of ATMs. The scope of the contract covers 60 regions in Russia.

According to the contract, MAYKOR-BTE will service the multi-vendor network of ATMs by offering FLM and SLM packages. The company's services include fault diagnostics, replacement of defective parts, software configuration, maintenance, commissioning of equipment, provision of consumables, and elimination of power problems.

"We have strong requirements when selecting tech support providers. MAYKOR-BTE has vast experience in this field, and its service technicians have extensive knowledge of the leading vendors' equipment. We are sure that the company's vast geographical presence and its qualified engineering staff, even in small communities, can guarantee high quality of service and, consequently, the availability of remote banking services to our customers," said Natalia Bazaley, head of the E-business and Payment Services Department of TKB Bank.
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