27 february 2018
MAYKOR-BTE has repaired over 80,000 cassettes for Sberbank ATMs
MAYKOR-BTE, which specializes in servicing banking equipment, utility systems and IT infrastructure, announces the results of its partnership with Sberbank regarding self-service equipment cassette repair.

Work under this project has continued since 2016, when MAYKOR-BTE was chosen by Sberbank as a partner to provide ATM cassette repair services. The total number of cassettes for self-service equipment repaired by MAYKOR-BTE service engineers since the beginning of the project has exceeded 80,000. According to the SLA, the repair time for a batch of cassettes (100-150) must not exceed 10 calendar days.

The contract includes 8 regional banks of Sberbank. The work took place in MAYKOR-BTE cassette repair centers in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, Irkutsk, Samara, Syktyvkar, Khabarovsk, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen.

“Servicing part of the self-service equipment is one of the partnership areas of Sberbank and MAYKOR-BTE. We pay a lot of attention to using the most advanced technology in servicing banking equipment. For instance, MAYKOR-BTE uses innovative diagnostic equipment that guarantees high speed and quality of service during repair and refurbishment of the Sberbank ATMs in all regions serviced by the company,” said Maxim Nikitin, Managing Partner, MAYKOR-BTE.
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