7 july 2016
MAYKOR-BTE Improves the Project Management System
MAYKOR-BTE has completed modernization of its own IT infrastructure aimed at bringing together all the company's main business processes into a single information space.

The requirement for IT modernization appeared due to significant expansion of MAYKOR-BTE's business: growth of the customer base, increase in federal service contracts and expansion of the services line – IT and engineering systems support were added to the banking equipment service. The "patchwork" automation that existed before modernization did not comply with company's needs. "We have polished existing business processes and are now practically ready for any scaling without the loss of operational efficiency," commented Maxim Nikitin, Managing Partner of MAYKOR-BTE.

The comprehensive solution created by the company brings together the supply chain, inventory and procurement management systems, CRM, ERP, employees' KPI calculations and the Service Desk, which previously existed as separate automated modules. Thus, all main business processes were summarized into a single information field – from starting a new transaction to service engineers' KPI calculations depending on SLA compliance.

One of the most important activities within modernization framework was transformation of the supply chain and inventory management system. The ERP system for the MAYKOR-BTE repair center divisions for Russia, automated calculation of the stock minimum required balance based on the consumption factor system that has been polished over several years, and automated stock replenishment allowed the company to significantly decrease transportation costs and increase service flexibility.
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