1 june 2017
MAYKOR-BTE launches chat bot for 24/7 communication with customers
MAYKOR-BTE, which specializes in servicing banking equipment, engineering systems, and IT infrastructure, announces the launch of a chat bot that currently can provide comprehensive information about the status of a customer's incident. The implementation of such development is based on the company's need to provide customers with feedback around the clock.

Customers no longer need to log in to the Service Desk system to find the required information about a request. They can simply ask the chat bot a question and receive an instant response. Plans are to expand the chat bot's functionality before certain decisions are made on resolution of an incident, based on the customer's needs.

The introduction of customer chat bots allows the company to work more successfully with complex projects on outsourcing of IT and banking equipment, which are characterized by many points of contact with the customer at various levels. Furthermore, some representatives of customers do not have access to the Service Desk system. One such project is the comprehensive servicing of Alfa-Bank branches throughout Russia.

Chat bots are currently being used in MAYKOR-BTE to support the company's internal business processes.

"We are constantly improving our IT infrastructure because in the current conditions it is more an issue of survival than a fad. Implementation of the latest technologies allows businesses to lower costs, have competitive prices, and also meet the rising expectations of customers," said Maxim Nikitin, Managing Partner of MAYKOR-BTE.

Launching the chat bot is another step toward the company's digital transformation. In the first quarter of 2017, MAYKOR-BTE also made a number of improvements to the Service Desk system, which made it possible to optimize the work of the coordination service: now the system independently determines which engineer is assigned to fulfill the request and also sets deadlines, with the engineer reporting that they have met the deadline in a special mobile app.
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