11 november 2015
MAYKOR-BTE Repair Center expands its competences
MAYKOR-BTE Company, specializing in technical support and banking equipment repair, is expanding the competences of its Repair Center. The company has introduced a parts recovery service of the ticket management systems and CINEO/Nautilus ATMs.

The decision to expand the competence of the Repair Center was taken due to an increase in the number of technical support contracts for these types of equipment and the commitment to control the cost increase of service contracts. "Repairs using our own production capacities allow a reduction in the volume of foreign parts purchases, thus minimizing the foreign exchange element in the project in conditions of exchange rate uncertainties," stated Maxim Nikitin, Managing Partner of MAYKOR-BTE.

Experts of MAYKOR-BTE Competence Center carried out the training of the Repair Center specialists. They have developed specialized full-time and distance-learning courses on parts repair that complement the existing list of training programs for banking equipment. Today, the Repair Center employs 45 people involved in repair of parts, units, and components for ATMs from Wincor Nixdorf, NCR, Nautilus, Diebold and CINEO, information and payment terminals produced by other manufacturers, ticket management systems, as well as specialized bank and cash equipment.
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