5 october 2017
MAYKOR completes renovation of its call center
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, modernized its call center and increased the efficiency of its operation.

The major challenges faced during modernization were incorporating various call center processes, optimizing the costs to support it, and improving the quality of customer service by introducing additional modules into the system.

MAYKOR developed the system, allowing it to combine the call center's operational, financial and analytical processes. In total, about 200 different modules have been developed and implemented, and the system is continuously upgrading. For instance, various improvements are carried out twice a week on average. According to calculations, development of the new functionality required about 5,000 man hours of work. Despite the significant resources spent on modernization, the solution's economic rationale is clear: the new system allows the company to greatly save on both the cost of licenses and the cost of product maintenance and support.

Direct cost-effectiveness must be noted. Thanks to the new system, it was possible to reduce costs by automating routine business processes (for example, receiving and evaluating calls and electronic messages). In addition to this, the new solution is capable of in-depth analysis of the company's performance indicators and, as a result, helps to promptly react to events. All this, in turn, makes it possible to improve the quality of services provided by MAYKOR to its customers, which is the company's key objective.

The system covers all functions of MAYKOR's federal omnichannel call center, and also connects the company to outside customers. The main operational tasks for receiving and processing maintenance requests help to address automated voice scripts for operators, personal offices of staff with gamification, e-mail and SMS mailouts, and remote employees' telephone module. Integration with various external services is possible. Back-office functions support economic, accounting and planning modules, a module for internal messages and communications, as well as staff development modules.

"The company's call center is the 'first line' of support for dozens of different MAYKOR projects, and the system allows the company to work effectively with remote employees and connect an unlimited number of users from anywhere in Russia and around the world. Having a smartphone or tablet is sufficient for connection. No doubt, this greatly increases the operational efficiency and quality of project implementation, including the assignment and fulfillment of requests, generation of reports, and a prompt response to extraordinary situations," said Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at MAYKOR.
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