17 april 2015
MAYKOR Develops Social Program for Healthy Backs
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing services, has developed a social program called "Healthy Back" for the prevention of musculoskeletal system disorders. This project is aimed at promoting sports that are beneficial to people's backs to staff and the general public.

The Healthy Back program includes different sports activities for MAYKOR's employees, healthy lifestyle promotion within the company and among youth, as well as support for sporting events sponsored by the Russian Swimming Federation and the Russian Dance Union.

The program was opened by the "Dance Stories" ballroom dancing competition held with participation from MAYKOR. This was followed by the "Merry Dolphin" 50th National Children's Swimming Competition held in St. Petersburg on April 8-12. The next event to be held with MAYKOR's support is the Russian Swimming Championship, which begins on April 19 in Moscow. As part of the championship's opening ceremony, MAYKOR employees will take part in the traditional relay of swimming fans. The team is comprised of top managers and IT professionals. Other relay participants include representatives of public organizations and state authorities. The Russian Championship is a qualifying competition for the 16th World Aquatics Championship scheduled to take place in Kazan in 2015.

"MAYKOR is a service company, and our key resource is our people. Productivity is directly influenced by the state of their health and team spirit. Musculoskeletal system disorders are among the main reasons why our staff takes sick leave. In general, they form the third largest group of health disorders in the world. This encouraged us to launch a project to promote those sports that help strengthen back muscles among our staff and children. First and foremost, these are swimming and dancing. Moreover, this is a great tool to promote team spirit!" says Irina Semenova, Vice President for Marketing at MAYKOR.

This year MAYKOR will support other swimming and dancing competitions in different regions of Russia.
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