13 july 2015
MAYKOR digest has won an ICT sector corporate publications competition
MAYKOR corporate digest has won the ICT CORPORATE MEDIA AWARDS competition for corporate publications, organized by ComNews. The company won in the "Innovations in Communications" nomination. The ceremony took place on July 9, 2015 at the PR Vector 3rd Strategy Forum.

The competition aims to highlight the most remarkable and successful media with high media potential. Traditionally, the competition has involved corporate electronic and print editions of the Telecoms and IT sector. In addition to MAYKOR, winners of the ICT CORPORATE MEDIA AWARDS this year included CJSC National Satellite Company, OJSC Multiregional TransitTelecom and Rambler & Co. Group of Companies.

MAYKOR corporate digest has been published since 2012. Its mission is to ensure interaction between the branches and the headquarters, and between employees and management. It is a tool used to communicate the strategies and plans of the company to all business units throughout Russia. The magazine pursues the goal of creating a corporate culture, HR brand, and loyalty of employees to the company, and is a motivational component and source of encouragement for employees.

"MAYKOR corporate digest started as a small brochure, but today it is an electronic magazine with an audience of over 5,000. Since the beginning of this year, we have created this digest using an innovative platform to directly implement all kinds of publishing content and connect it with other channels of internal PR. The corporate digest has received many positive reviews from employees, which ensured its victory in the ICT CORPORATE MEDIA AWARDS competition", commented Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing at MAYKOR.
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