24 january 2017
MAYKOR Ensures Uninterrupted Operation of SAS "Vybory" in 9 regions
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, announces its winning the tender to provide services to ensure the operation of the State Automated System of the Russian Federation "Vybory" (SAS "Vybory").

The company will ensure the uninterrupted operation of SAS "Vybory" complexes in 9 Russian regions under its contract with FGKU Federal Center of Information Technologies under the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation. The geography of the contract covers Yakutia, Primorsky, Khabarovsk, and Kamchatka Territories, Amur, Magadan, and Sakhalin Regions, as well as the Jewish Autonomous Region and Chukotka Autonomous Region.

SAS "Vybory" represents an integral part of the Russian election system and includes specialized systems for automation of various processes during the preparation and holding of elections. It implements state-of-the-art computer-aided technologies for voter registration, planning of the election campaign phases, control over the receiving and spending of electoral funds' money, tallying of votes, and resolution of other tasks facing the election commissions.

The efficiency of the preparation for elections, reliability and anonymity of the voting procedure, as well as the transparency and accuracy of the tally of votes depend on the stable functioning of the system's hardware packages.

MAYKOR's key objectives under the contract are speedy performance of scheduled maintenance and, during the pre-election and election periods, ensuring the stable operation of regional segments of SAS "Vybory" and failure recovery in compliance with the SLA's stringent terms. During the election, MAYKOR's technical support hotline and service crews are available 24/7. MAYKOR's obligations also include conducting training courses in system handling for election commission officials.
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