23 december 2016
MAYKOR enters the TOP 3 Russian IT service companies
CNews Analytics has published an annual review of the IT service market. The researchers placed MAYKOR among the top 3 largest Russian IT support providers.

In 2016, MAYKOR carried out projects in such areas as retail, energy, telecom, transport, banking, and government. Pavel Rastopshin, Executive Vice President of MAYKOR, points out that this year the company was focused on pricing transparency and development of service models that provide additional benefits for customers, enabling both cost reductions and increased profits.

According to CNews Analytics, the full-year domestic market volume of IT services was $4.52 billion. Analysts note that the economic crisis forced many companies to cut IT budgets and center their efforts in the support of existing solutions. This is confirmed by the total gains of the IT service sector, which showed 40% growth and reached 84.1 billion rubles.
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