21 december 2016
MAYKOR Experts Certified for POS Equipment Maintenance
Experts from MAYKOR's Competence Center have been certified by Iskra company, one of Russia's leading players in the market for POS equipment and self-service terminals.

Certification entitles them to train MAYKOR service specialists to maintain and repair upgraded cash registers, meeting the requirements of Federal Law No. 54 "On the Application of Cash Register Equipment in Settlements in Cash and/or via Electronic Means of Payment". 

The amended Federal Law No. 54, governing the use of cash registers’ equipment, will become effective from February 2017. Because servicing of retail infrastructure is one of MAYKOR's core activities, the company is actively preparing for the new conditions. Next year, MAYKOR plans a large-scale training campaign for its engineering staff on the maintenance of a new type of cash registers.
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