16 january 2015
MAYKOR extends its Aquarius authorized service partner certificate
MAYKOR extended its authorized service partner certificate from Aquarius, the manufacturer of computer equipment under the Aquarius brand.

MAYKOR first became an authorized service partner of Aquarius in 2011 and prolongs the authorization every year. The certificate allows MAYKOR to provide warranty service, tech support and modernization of all equipment of Russia's longest standing computer hardware manufacturer. Over a million computers, servers, and mobile PCs currently used in Russia are manufactured by Aquarius.
About Aquarius

Aquarius is a Russian computer manufacturer and developer of IT solutions for state and corporate customers. Founded in 1989, the company now possesses world class manufacturing capabilities with capacity exceeding 400,000 devices a year and a service network encompassing 135 cities of Russia. Aquarius produces data storage and service systems, a wide variety of client devices (laptops, AIO PCs, personal computers, workstations, thin clients), as well as specialized security solutions and specific IT solutions for vertical markets. Aquarius is part of National Computer Corporation (NCC).
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