24 december 2014
MAYKOR Gives a Gift of Charity
For the fourth year in a row, MAYKOR is taking part in a philanthropic action named “Charity in Lieu of Souvenirs”. The company has donated to charity a sizable portion of funds normally allocated for New Year's corporate gifts.

MAYKOR has sponsored a drawing competition titled “Engineer as an Occupation” for children at the Raduga (Rainbow) orphanage in Ivanovo. The company also supplied creative classrooms with everything it takes to foster creativity in children. In a series of drawings, the children portrayed their vision of what MAYKOR engineers do professionally. The best works have been selected for the New Year's corporate charity calendar.

The traditional corporate gifts at MAYKOR will be replaced by knitted products made by visually impaired individuals who work at Penza-based Voskhod Production Association established by the All-Russian Association of the Blind.

“We view charity not as one-off aid to the needy but as an opportunity to address systemic challenges faced by Russian society. One of such problems is helping children raised at orphanages find jobs after they enter their adult life. While interacting with them, we seek to expand the professional outlook of children at orphanages using the example of MAYKOR engineers as well as revive the prestige of engineering occupations among young people. Another problem that is just as pressing for our society is providing employment opportunities for physically challenged persons. In this regard, we offer point-of-need assistance to institutions committed to professional empowerment of people who require special work environments with regard to their health status,” says Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing at MAYKOR.

The “Charity Lieu of Souvenirs” drive is covered by MAYKOR's corporate social responsibility policy. As part of this policy, the company supports a series of annual sporting events and charity programs and promotes the corporate volunteer movement at both federal and regional levels.
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