9 july 2018
MAYKOR-GMCS and AnyLogic became partners

MAYKOR-GMCS, a leading IT company, and the AnyLogic Company, a leading provider of dynamic modeling and simulation tools for business applications, have entered into a partnership. Combining the expertise will allow two companies to offer advanced solutions for tasks that can not be solved using Excel and traditional data mining methods.

More than 18 years the AnyLogic Company has been developing simulation modeling software. The AnyLogic Company is a multinational team operating from the US and Europe with a global network of partners.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, MAYKOR-GMCS has the opportunity to implement projects based on vendor’s products - AnyLogic™, multimethod simulation modeling software, AnyLogic Cloud™, online simulation analytics service, and AnyLogistix™, software for supply chain analytics.

Simulation modeling allows you to design business systems, scripts and products of any complexity safely, with maximum detail and time-varying factors. Unlike analytics, the simulation model makes it possible not only to build forecasts with greater accuracy but also to understand how to achieve the goal with less risk and cost. In the context of the digital economy, the simulation tools are designed to provide additional advantages in change planning and implementation.

"We see the high potential of simulation modeling software and we are glad to become a partner of such a perspective Russian vendor as AnyLogic. The simulation modeling supplements the usual non-simulation analytical methods, such as mathematical optimization, statistical analysis, linear programming. It provides a new look at processes and situations. AnyLogic solutions include everything necessary to become a standard for managing large businesses in the next 5 years," says Konstantin Podlesnyy, Director of Business Solutions Department, MAYKOR-GMCS.

More than 15,000 companies use AnyLogic solutions to support decision making while managing supply chains, production, transportation, storage, asset management and infrastructure. AnyLogic supports the basic modeling methods - system dynamics, discrete event to practical agent based modeling. Thanks to the cloud-based web interface, simulation models can be used to compare the results of starts and optimizations, including viewing 2D/3D models, anywhere, with any device.

"We believe that the partnership with MAYKOR-GMCS will allow us to strengthen our positions on the Russian market, which is quite ready to use the accumulated data not only for analyzing what is happening but also for predicting and optimizing processes and events. According to our estimates, the demand for simulation modeling will grow, while there are still few professionals in this field. Expansion of the partner network will strengthen our competitiveness and make our solutions more affordable and accessible to customers," says Sergey Suslov, Sales Director, the AnyLogic Company.

About The AnyLogic Company

The AnyLogic Company, leading provider of dynamic modeling and simulation tools for business applications is a multinational team operating from the US and Europe with a global network of partners. Our flagship product, AnyLogic, is the standard in multimethod technology, which equates to increased efficiency and less risk when tackling complex business challenges. This unmatched flexibility is found in all AnyLogic products allowing users to capture the complexity of virtually any system, at any level of detail, and gain a deeper insight into interdependent processes inside and around an organization. AnyLogic products are utilized worldwide in thousands of commercial organizations and academic institutions, and in over 40% of Fortune 100 Companies.
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