1 april 2015
MAYKOR-GMCS and JSC ROSSETI improved management efficiency of the electric grid repair program

MAYKOR-GMCS launched an updated system to collect the data and analyze reports on the maintenance and repair of JSC ROSSETI. The system will help the largest electric company in Russia effectively manage the repair program and, consequently, maintain a high level of supply reliability.

Initially, the MRO functionality was launched in 2010 as part of an information-analytical system implemented by MAYKOR-GMCS, and was used to collect the planned and actual performance elementwise indicators of repair programs. In 2014, department of production assets management launched a program to collect and analyze information on the item-by-item basis, i.e. planning and costs tracking for repair, maintenance and technical re-equipment were carried to each electricity generation facility. In this regard, MAYKOR-GMCS was tasked to upgrade the MRO subsystem.

The solution is designed as an information and analytical portal. It is used for the formation and coordination of plans for ROSSETI’s energy facilities maintenance programs, monitoring their performance and receiving internal and external reports within a "single window". The solution allows creating reports in the context of the ROSSETI’s internal groups and the external organizations, such as the Ministry of Energy and other government agencies. At the same time, the report unloading to the Ministry of Energy occurs in an automated mode that optimizes costs of its preparation and improves the data accuracy. Earlier almost 90% of the time was spent on collection and processing of the data and only 10% remained for analysis, today launch of the information-analytical system in operation leaded the decrease of reports preparation by 4 times.

"The updated tool increases the planning efficiency and execution of the repair programs, so we can not only keep track of how the work is done, but also to take timely action in case of deviations from the plan. In 2015, we are planning to automate the collection of information in forms of a situational-analytical center and a center of technical supervision, which will be more responsive to electricity supply disruptions and closely monitor measures to prevent accidents," says Denis Dorohov, chief expert of the production assets management department, JSC ROSSETI.

Data collection and analysis of MRO reporting are used in 14 subsidiaries, 150 branches located in 73 regions of the Russian Federation, and a main network company. It employs 650 people.

"MRO is a part of the unified system of data collection and report analysis of JSC ROSSETI, which employs 2,000 users and automates 8 departments. In 2015 it is planned to connect additional 2500 users and automation of 7 departments," adds Bela Temirkanova, project manager, MAYKOR-GMCS.


Rosseti, Open Joint Stock Company (JSC ROSSETI) – an operator of energy grids in Russia, is one of the largest electric companies in the world. The company maintains 2.2 million km of power transmission lines, 473,000 substations with transformer capacity of more than 743 GW. In 2013, net power supply to consumers amounted to 706 billion kWh. The number of employees of the Rosseti Group of Companies is 228,800 people.

The asset portfolio of JSC ROSSETI includes 43 subsidiaries and affiliates, including 14 interregional and a main network company. The controlling shareholder of the company is the state represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management of the Russian Federation, which owns 85.3% of the share capital.

JSC ROSSETI is a leading company in the Russian market in introducing innovative technologies to the main and distribution grid complex. The company pays great attention to such issues as energy conservation, energy efficiency, international cooperation, environmental protection and occupational safety.

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