30 may 2017
MAYKOR-GMCS and Mirapolis forge a partnership

MAYKOR-GMCS and Mirapolis announce a partnership. From this time on MAYKOR-GMCS will be able to offer Russian HR solutions for human capital management and corporate training.

MAYKOR-GMCS, a Russian provider of IT and business process services outsourcing, enters into partnership with Mirapolis, a Russian IT company providing human capital management solutions, talent management systems (TMS) and corporate training solutions. Promotion of the Mirapolis information system will focus on enterprises and organizations that require Russian IT solutions.

The Russian economy is changing under the influence of many external factors. A number of companies are on the verge of changing the traditional business model to an innovative one. Under the new model, they will focus on investing in human capital and managing it to achieve competitive advantage and maximize profits. Mirapolis solutions automate talent management processes, wh ere all TMS services are consolidated within a single platform. The powerful functionality and flexibility of the solution at a low price make it possible to compete with Western solutions.

"The Mirapolis information system will help companies successfully meet the challenges associated with the strategic management of HR resources. One of the main challenges of our customers is the formation of strong cross-generational teams and the development of the right motivation system for such mixed teams. Mirapolis is a worthy alternative to Western solutions, especially for those of our customers who, due to a number of legislative limitations and high costs, can not implement the solutions of foreign vendors," says Oleg Kotov, Director of HRMS Department, MAYKOR-GMCS.

The IT system of Mirapolis was developed using open source code and registered in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs (Order of the Ministry of Communications No. 538 of 08.11.2016). The largest projects of HR processes automation for training and personnel development based on Mirapolis solutions in the Russian Federation are Russian railways, X5 Retail Group, Cherkizovo Group, Er-Telecom Holding employing more than 1,000,000 people.

"Despite the purely "humanitarian" status, talent management systems bring companies a very concrete economic effect. According to a McKinsey study conducted in more than 500 companies, this effect is reflected in the company's revenue growth by 1%, an increase in labor productivity by 5.4% and an increase in employee involvement by 65%. Our large customers have fully realized the effectiveness of the Mirapolis platform, and this complies with the global trend. I am glad to welcome MAYKOR-GMCS among Mirapolis partners. Thanks to its experience and expertise, we hope to increase the share of Russian solutions among information systems for HR," adds Kirill Dyakov, Commercial Director of Mirapolis.

About Mirapolis

Mirapolis – A human capital management company specializing in solutions for managing and improving the efficiency of the company's human capital, systems for the integrated automation of HR processes, as well as software products for training centers, e-learning, personnel testing and evaluating, and knowledge management systems. Mirapolis is a member of Softline Group of companies.

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