19 october 2015
MAYKOR-GMCS and Penza State University start collaboration

MAYKOR-GMCS and Penza State University start cooperation in the development of the IT education and employment of young specialists.

MAYKOR-GMCS’ plans for regional development and growth in the number of new projects require the involvement of human resources. Being a socially responsible company, MAYKOR-GMCS tries to enhance the level of education of young professionals and popularization of IT professions among young people.

"We are actively attracting young specialists of the leading Russian educational institutions. Over the past year, our team joined about 30 graduates. The most motivating opportunity for trainees is to prove themselves in exciting projects, in solving real business problems of large companies from various segments of the market," says Zalina Pshihacheva, HR Director of MAYKOR-GMCS.

The sides have agreed to hold workshops for students by the leading experts of MAYKOR-GMCS and discussed the possibility of passing practice in the company. For a regional center of employment and graduates adaptation MAYKOR-GMCS has organized an open meeting in the branch in Penza, which is ready to accept up to 50 university graduates until the end of 2015.

"We are pleased that many of our graduates have already been working in MAYKOR-GMCS, and some of them are the leading specialists. This confirms the high level of professionals in the information and management technologies, whom we are preparing," adds Sergei Egorov, Vice-rector for information policy and external relations of Penza State University, supervising employment of the students.

Cooperation with Penza State University continues the initiatives of MAYKOR to solve human resources issues of the IT industry within the corporate program "ENGINEER as a Profession". The company provides the possibility of practice for students of technical colleges and universities in its branches throughout Russia. Top management of MAYKOR is actively reading courses on IT topics at the leading universities in Moscow.

About Penza State University

Penza State University is a modern university, developing at a fast pace, yet retaining its time-honoured traditions. It is a comprehensive university, educating economists, lawyers, teachers, doctors, engineers, administrators, and researchers. The biggest university of the region, it attracts the most talented students and teaching staff. Out of 22 000 students, studying at the university now, many will reach the top in their professional career, as previous generations have done during it’s 70-year history.

The teaching staff is experienced, knowledgeable and supportive. Absolute majority have science degrees: 12% are full professors, 58% are associate professors.

The university has come a long way, from a three-faculty institute to a large university of high rank. Achieving and sustaining academic and research excellence will always remain at the heart of its fundamental values.

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