5 february 2015
MAYKOR-GMCS and Prognoz became partners
MAYKOR-GMCS, one of the leaders of IT implementation and support in Russia, and Prognoz, a leading developer of business intelligence, became partners.

In order to make business effective under conditions of economic turbulence, MAYKOR-GMCS and Prognoz decided to unite efforts in development of information and analytical solutions. Collaboration involves joint projects for large corporate customers and the public sector in modeling and forecasting, budget management, risk assessment, in-depth business intelligence and data visualization capabilities using Prognoz Platform.

Today Prognoz Platform is the only Russian software product, recognized at international level. Prognoz Platform meets all the requirements of the global BI-market: provides advanced analytics capabilities, offers high performance, interface convenience and focus on the end user. The platform allows creating desktop, web and mobile applications for visualization and operational data analysis, report generation, modeling and forecasting of business processes.

"In fact, we have long been cooperating with Prognoz and consider our partnership, primarily, as an opportunity to expand the domestic line of software solutions in order to respond adequately to the current market challenges. Today, we are ready to offer the benefits of this powerful Russian software product that helps dozens of major Russian and international companies efficiently manage the budget, and build models to predict the trends of development, and get consolidated, managerial and other reporting in a convenient form," says Ekaterina Voropaeva, President of MAYKOR-GMCS.

"The agreement with MAYKOR-GMCS is an important step for development of our partner network. Expertise of MAYKOR-GMCS in integrated business intelligence, forecasting and investment management is especially valuable for us, and we are ready to provide the necessary support to the partner for development of specialized applications in these areas, taking advantage of our platform," adds Sergey Shestakov, Deputy Director General of Business Development, Prognoz.

About Prognoz

Prognoz is an international software vendor delivering advanced analytics and visual discovery solutions for clients looking to improve business performance and drive innovation. 

The cutting-edge software enables senior managers and experts to harness the information needed to analyze business processes, predict future opportunities, and make efficient operational and strategic decisions. 

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