16 may 2017
MAYKOR-GMCS automated document flow MTT

A solution of MAYKOR-GMCS and SKB Kontur allows integrating an electronic document management service Diadoc and an information system of Multiregional TransitTelecom (MTT) based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Contractors send electronic documents to MTT: acts, invoices using Diadok service developed by SKB Kontur. Thanks to the integration connector, the company’s employees receive and sign them directly in the interface of Microsoft Dynamics AX. They do not need to work in two systems; all the necessary actions with documents are performed in a single window.

"Integration is essential for large companies such as MTT, which are trying to automate the workflow and thereby get the maximum benefits that EDM can give: speed, convenience, transparency, minimum effort," says Alexander Baranovsky, Project Manager for the telecommunications industry, SKB Kontur.

"The connector is a packaged integration solution that automates the electronic workflow but modifies neither the ERP nor the company's EDM systems. This is very convenient because it requires minimal effort," explains Ksenia Chernikova, Business Director, MAYKOR-GMCS.

"Our managers do not need to learn a new interface of EDM system. They continue to work in the usual way, but at the same time they can use all the possibilities of electronic document management," explains Oleg Yermolenko, Director of the Business Support Center, MTT. "Automation allows us to give a boost to our business processes and prevent errors while entering data."

Based on the documents received from contractors, MTT specialists generate the equipment purchase orders, which are then transferred to the accounting department. The connector makes the document workflow fast and controlled. Employees easily process the data of contractors. They can maintain a single register of documents and at any time see the history of the each cycle of document flow and work with the archive on the server.

About companies

Multiregional TransitTelecom (МТТ) is a Russian operator of a nationwide multi-service network, which has provided a wide range of telecom services to telecom operators, to corporate and private customers in Russia and worldwide for 19 years. MTT provides intercity and international telecom services and establishes efficient interaction at all levels with more than 1200 mobile and fixed operators both in Russia and abroad, based on our own digital multi-service network with points of presence in all regions of Russia.

MTT has intensively developed new state-of-the-art telecom services, in addition to classic telecom services. Today, the company’s service portfolio includes: IP telephony for private and corporate customers, Intelligent Telecom Networks, including 8–800\8–804 free-call numbers, MVNO, SMS Transmission Service, Virtual Exchange, direct-dial numbers of Russia’s million+ cities and other countries etc. MTT provides GPRS roaming service for major mobile wireless telecom operators, national and international GPRS roaming (GRX service), telematics services and data transmission services as well as ОКС-7 signalling traffic routing and transmission. MTT was the first company in Russia to provide worldwide IPX roaming to telecom operators. МТТ continues to provide traditional long-distance (inter-city and international) telecom service to private and corporate customers.

SKB Kontur develops software for e-document interchange, accounting and business management. SKB Kontur ecosystem enables business to simplify interaction with authorities and contractors and make internal processes transparent by getting rid of needless papers.

SKB Kontur was founded in Y1988 — in 18 months after IBM announced launch of the first PC. After celebration of a 25th birthday in Y2013 SKB Kontur continue to develop dynamically. Today 1.25 mln subscribers all over the country use SKB Kontur’s solutions — from entrepreneurs to industrial holdings with many branch offices.

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