16 may 2016
MAYKOR-GMCS became one of the leader of SAP for Retail

Analytical agency CNews Analytics announced results of the research "Integration leaders of SAP for Retail". MAYKOR-GMCS appeared in a "Target" of the largest integrator of SAP for Retail.

The research was conducted as a part of the annual rating CNews "IT in retail". CNews Analytics analyzed the data of more than 100 SAP projects in retail sales. The agency assessed the quantity, quality, and costs of the implemented projects. The results were aggregated in the "Target", showing line-up of forces. MAYKOR-GMCS almost reached the center of the "Target" that confirmed industry expertise in SAP for Retail.

"Historically, retail is one of the key industry of SAP practice. In addition to SAP for Retail, we offer a wide range of specific solutions to retail companies. Particularly, they are solutions for multichannel sales, complex analytical system, flexible integration with the external system and applications, mobile work desks. A while back we had decided to develop the relevant competencies in logistics optimization and achieved the extensive success," said Andrey Sapozhkov, director of SAP department, MAYKOR-GMCS.

The largest SAP customer of MAYKOR-GMCS is X5 Retail Group, one of the leading retail company in Russia. For 8 years of collaboration with the retailer, there were implemented several project. Besides, MAYKOR-GMCS had been working with Centroobuv, TOGAS, and other retailers.

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