9 february 2017
MAYKOR-GMCS has expanded its portfolio of CRM solutions for telecommunication companies

MAYKOR-GMCS has registered two new industrial CRM solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform: for fixed line phone and mobile operators.

The CRM solution for fixed line phone operators automates the key b2b, b2c, b2g and b2o business management processes. All information about clients and counterparties, including contracts and service history, is stored in a unified system. To simplify the work of managers, the solution has a dashboard where you can see all statistics for sales, service, and track the performance of daily tasks. SLA counters allow you to monitor the quality of application processing. An analytical component provides tools to analyze operations in the various cuttings. The solution can be easily implemented into the current IT infrastructure of any enterprise through the integration with internal and external systems (IP-telephony, billing systems, file storage, and others.).

The CRM solution for mobile operators is designed for efficient management of sales in the high-margin b2b segment. It automates the work with current and potential clients, management and communication tasks. The solution standardizes the work of sales managers, improves cross-functional and inter-regional cooperation of units. It also supports integration with OSS and BSS systems, data warehouses, EDMS, mail servers, and other systems that ensures transparency in all transactions and interactions.

The leading Russian telecommunication companies are already using these solutions.

"Being in the tough market conditions, operators have to constantly look for new opportunities and improve the quality of service and additional profit sources. Advantages of vertical CRM solutions rest upon the ability of a customer to receive the necessary functionality taking into account the industry specifics, as well as get an access to the developer’s expertise, which minimizes project risk and allows getting a result as soon as possible. Depending on the needs, the solutions can be deployed both locally and in the cloud," says Aurica Savchuk, Director of Department of Multifunctional Customer Solutions and Services, MAYKOR-GMCS.

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