13 march 2015
MAYKOR-GMCS has launched a billing system in Telemate

MAYKOR-GMCS has developed a billing solution for Telemate, specialized in satellite monitoring of transport. Application ensures accuracy and correctness of service payments, improving the quality of customer service.

The solution performs automatic data collection and recording on the use of satellite monitoring services, maintains a service guide, customer information, billing facilities, contracts, as well as store statistical reporting and analytical information. Tariff implementer allows customize and manage the tariff plans and discounts, reducing time-to-tariff or service on the market.

Integration with the customer's financial management system allows perform automatic formation and distribution of invoices and other primary documentation. In the Personal Account clients of Telemate can manage their payments, request details of the account and services, track balance, receive individual advice on contracts, tariffs, etc. Telemate, in turn, can track payment history, control debts and customers’ limits allocated to certain types of services, receive the necessary reports and use this information to manage the business.

The solution is designed on the base of a modular platform VerEx and has a high performance, allowing real-time processing thousands of transactions.

"We see great prospects of the billing solutions for various service companies that demand flexibility of charging and billing performance. Among potential customers are 3PL-operators, logistics and postal companies, operators of toll roads and other commercial and government agencies," says Oleg Lysov, Vice president of MAYKOR-GMCS.

About Telemate

Telemate is a Russian company providing satellite monitoring of transport with a system of its own design.

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