26 february 2015
MAYKOR-GMCS has launched a sales analysis system for 300 stands of Russian Appetite

MAYKOR-GMCS has launched a sales revenue analysis system for fast food stands of GC Russian Appetite. The solution is designed on a platform QlikView of a company Qlik, a leading vendor of BI products for end users. The solution allows performing control of profit and managing sales effectively in 300 outlets of the Customer in Voronezh region.

The solution helps specialists of Russian Appetite to receive daily a complete analytical picture of the sales revenue in stands with following details: city, sales point, check, time, goods, discount card purchase and others. In addition, they can respond quickly to changing factors affecting the sale, analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, identify sale points with growing potential and inefficient ones, plan working hours of stands according to the dynamics of sales, time windows for encashment, goods receiving and inventories so as to obtain the maximum profit from each outlet.

Among other system features are product range sales analysis (ABC-analysis) and formation the optimal product mix on the basis of these data. The system also provides a plan-fact analysis of marginal income to the material cost. The sales data is presented to employees of Russian Appetite in a simple and understandable form (graphs, tables, diagrams) thanks to advanced visualization of QlikView.

"As soon as I started to use the system, I immediately recognized the power and depth of the analytical tools of the application. For example, previously I spent on the sales factor analysis using the old OLAP engines up to 8 hours. QlikView analysis reduced the time to two hours. In this case, today I can not only analyze data in details, but also to detect timely deviations and take the necessary actions to improve the accuracy of sales planning, reduce the deficit and the volume of expired goods," notes Sergey Tupcheev, Development Director of the group of companies Russian Appetite.

Analytical sales system works in conjunction with a system of the company strategic management based on the BSC-model. This greatly extends the capabilities of the target strategic management, allowing perform a detailed analysis of the reasons for the deviation from the target, and go down to the analytical data from the balanced scorecard to identify the causes of possible deviations.

"We have provided mobile access to dashboards allowing Russian Appetite to obtain relevant data on sales, regardless of their location in real time. This helps to keep one's eye on the ball and make management decisions based on objective data," adds Anton Seleznev, Director of QlikView Department, MAYKOR-GMCS.

About group of companies Russian Appetite

Group of companies Russian Appetite is one of the largest catering Voronezh region. Organization's first project was Gulliver restaurant, which opened in 1998. At the moment Russian Appetite Group of Companies includes the following units: Voronezh plant production of food, a chain of fast-food kiosks, a chain of affordable cafe "Vermicelli", a network of shops "at home" "Green Island", a wholesale business unit "FoodsOpt", cafes, pubs, "Nails", a network of fast-food "Buffet." Today it is more than 350 outlets.

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