28 march 2018
MAYKOR-GMCS helps a retailer "Korablik" to set up integration with the system "Mercury"

One of the largest children's retail chain "Korablik" chose the solution "VerEx. Veterinary" for the data transfer to a federal information system "Mercury" on electronic certificates for goods related to products of animal origin.

"Korablik" is one of the leaders in the retail trade of children's goods. To manage the retail chain of more than 200 stores, the retailer uses a single information system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

To date, "Korablik" is fully prepared for a pilot test work with electronic veterinary accompanying documents (eVAD). With the help of the solution "VerEx. Veterinary", specialists of "Korablik" will be able to accept transport eVAD from suppliers and carry out their automatic processing in the federal information system "Mercury" on the basis of data from Microsoft Dynamics AX.

"We are carefully monitoring the products quality, so we decided to prepare in time for full-fledged work with eVAD. While we are doing this in the pilot mode, we are training the personnel and continue to carry out the necessary measures for working with suppliers. Choosing the appropriate integration solution, we were guided by the recommendations of the Rosselkhoznadzor and our own experience," commented Alexander Vasiliev, CEO of the retail chain "Korablik".

From July 1, 2018, all veterinary accompanying documents should be made in electronic form. The law "On Veterinary Medicine" covers the activity of retail enterprises that store and sell the products under the supervision of the State Veterinary Supervision Authority.

The project is a part of a continuous cooperation between MAYKOR-GMCS and "Korablik", which has been started with the development of ERP system.

"We have shown "Korablik" how to quickly and easily establish the data transfer to the federal information system "Mercury" in order to fully meet the requirements of the regulator. Ready-made integration solution "VerEx. Veterinary" does not depend on the platform. It does not matter which accounting system the customer uses. Today we are implementing several pilot projects to integrate the system "Mercury" with 1C as well," said Sergey Korovin, Division Manager of MAYKOR-GMCS.

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