5 september 2016
MAYKOR-GMCS helps Dixy to improve ERP system

MAYKOR-GMCS summarizes results of the another development phase of the automated financial management system for a group of companies Dixy, one of the leading Russian companies in the retail sale of food and everyday products.

To reduce the workload on IT, Dixy engages the leading IT companies to search for the best technological and managerial decisions. This allows the retailer to maintain market leadership in its segment, improve operational efficiency and offer customers high-quality products at reasonable prices.

During the cooperation since 2010 year, experts of MAYKOR-GMCS have completed 800 tasks for the information system development of Dixy. Major projects are related to the consolidation of tax accounting processes into a single system, automation of factoring, tare recording, cost accounting for import, integration with the retailer's logistics system, as well as the calculation of providers’ bonuses.

Special attention is given to the implementation of accruals accounting to provide more accurate assessment of the company’s financial results.

"Dixy has ambitious development plans. Every day we solve a lot of problems within the company and we are constantly working to improve the effectiveness and implementing innovative solutions that help to grow our business. Work of the whole team is important, especially the work of the external partners. In the face of MAYKOR-GMCS we have found a competent IT partner who not only understands the logic of the processes in the retail sector, but also is able to solve methodological problems," says Julia Zhuvaga, Chief Financial Officer of GC Dixy.

MAYKOR-GMCS continues cooperation with Dixy and helps the company to better control over marketing campaigns. Another task is related to the integration with an external system of electronic document flow that will simplify the exchange of electronic documents with numerous counterparties.

"Company Dixy is one of our key customers in the retail sector. During the many years of cooperation, we have watched as the company has been transforming and changing its business processes. Our project team was constantly looking for the best decisions and even execute impossible ones. The real challenge was to set stop-lists, as well as automate sales charges. It was made from scratch and in the shortest possible time," said Ksenia Chernikova, Business Director of MAYKOR-GMCS.

About the DIXY Group of Companies

The DIXY Group of Companies is one of Russia's leading retailers of grocery and everyday products. The company specializes in developing neighborhood store supermarkets in Moscow, St. Petersburg and three federal districts of Russia: Central, Northwest and Ural and also in the Kaliningrad region, which together account for more than half of the retail market for foods and everyday products in the Russian Federation.

In May 2007, the Company raised $360 million in its IPO on RTS and MICEX. Company shares are included in two RTS indexes: the Consumer & Retail Index (RTScr) and the RTS-2 Second-Tier Stock Index (RTS2), as well as in the MICEX Consumer Goods and Services Index (MICEX CGS). The Mercury Group of Companies, a diversified holding company, owns a controlling stake in OJSC DIXY Group.

DIXY's first store opened in Moscow in March 1999; at the same time MEGAMART retail stores began operating in Yekaterinburg. The DIXY chain has been expanding in St. Petersburg since 2000. The company initially focused on serving the mass consumer segment in Russia's most popular soft discount format.

DIXY is growing rapidly and expanding its geographic presence, opening new stores in various regions of Russia. The company is successfully operating in different store formats within the modern supermarket format. This enables it to reach a wider audience with the most diverse consumer preferences and incomes, which ensures rapid sales growth.

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