19 april 2017
MAYKOR-GMCS helps enterprises to move to the digital production

MAYKOR-GMCS has registered a solution for manufacturing enterprises based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. The solution not only supports the main production processes, but also forms the basis for the transition to digital production.

The solution provides an integrated support for process and discrete production in accordance with the principles of lean production. It allows companies to use simultaneously several strategies: make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and engineer-to-order. A company receives an information system providing the most effective use of available resources and control of all stages of the technological process in real time. In addition, the system allows executing orders with minimal costs, improving relationships with customers and partners, as well as improving services.

Implementation of a transparent production management system is the first step towards digital manufacturing. The flexible architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX helps not only easily integrate the system into the existing IT infrastructure, but also improve production and management processes through the further implementation of Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT).

"Today, it is an urgent matter more than ever before to renovate the manufacturing sector and move to the digital enterprise management. We offer a holistic management concept enabling us to deploy an ERP system and use Machine Learning methods and IoT for remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and optimization of production costs within a single platform," says Denis Timoshenko, Business Director, MAYKOR-GMCS.

The main functional modules are scheduling, production tasks scheduling, resource management, subcontract management, routing, production formulas and specifications, product configurator, production orders, cost calculation, and integration center. Planning and forecasting models provide the optimal planning of the entire production process: from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of finished products, including the loading of work floors and equipment.

The key features of the solution are additional functionality for production standards, an expanded package of production and financial reporting that meets the requirements of Russian legislation. There is an opportunity to receive mobile reporting using Microsoft BI. It supports deep integration with the existing process control systems. To solve complex situations related to cyclic processes, specialists of MAYKOR-GMCS have developed a mathematical model for resource allocation.

Elements of MAYKOR-GMCS’ solution are used by several Russian enterprises in the chemical, food and wood processing industries.

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